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Faster than a Walk

CD - $15

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The Moving Violations

The New England Contra dance is driven by the music, and The Moving Violations is one the most exciting drivers. A mix of traditional tunes and melodies from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe make them special favorites. Van Kaynor and Ron Grosslein, longtime fiddle favorites on the New England dance scene, lead and inspire the quintet. Their fans expect the unexpected.

  1. Oak Leaf, Catharsis
  2. Mazas Comes to Montague, Vivaldi In Paradise, Nova Scotia Cocek
  3. Hjemlengsel
  4. Balkanesque, Feciorsti, Barbuncul din Nasaud
  5. Wild One, Indian Point, Glass Island
  6. Kiss Me Joe, Music for A Found Hamonium, Sunny Monday Reel
  7. Slipstenen
  8. Trip to Durrow, Plank House, The Curvy Road to Corinth
  9. The Jewel Tune, Briul de la Fagaras, The Carpathian Tune
  10. La Llorona
  11. All My Friends, Jackie Coleman's, Sleepy Maggie
  12. Des Oignons, Reel des Jeunes Maries, Reel de Montreal
  13. Schottis fran Stensele
  14. Cul Aodh, The Cliffs of Moher, The Red Crow
  15. Speed the Plow, Allie Crocker, Sumadijsko Kolo
  16. Fransk Vals

Van Kaynor, Ron Grosslein, Doug Feeney, Becky Ashenden, Chuck Corman, 2001

Total Time 62:54

Along the River

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Susan Conger and Friends

Along the River with Susan Conger and friends features dance tunes from the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont, all written by musicians of the Valley. Susan leads the charge with her strong, lilting fiddle, accompanied by many fine musicians from the Valley. Along the River captures the vibrancy and excitement of the music in the region, as well as the fine musicianship. The Gale is a knockout!

  1. McIntyre's, Irish Sweepstakes Piano, The Gale
  2. The New Box, Rolling Home
  3. Valse du Bapteme
  4. Green Apple Quickstep
  5. Mumble, Magyarific
  6. Glass Island, 31
  7. Carolina Sunrise
  8. Double Chocolate Insomnia Rag, Clever Hans, 100 Years of Mischief
  9. Paradise Polska
  10. Due West, C'mon East
  11. Waiting for Fish
  12. Leaving the Island, Kontny's Yard
  13. Knock on Wood, The Good Host
  14. Oak Leaf Reel, Montague Reel
  15. Playing with Matches
  16. Rainy Night in Montague, The Riddle

Susan Conger, Susie Secco, Timm Triplett, Van Kaynor, David Kaynor, David Cantieni, Bill Tomczak and George Reynolds, 2000

See companion book Along the River

Flights of Fancy

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Swallowtail has been around awhile, something like 25 years, give or take. Flights of Fancy was recorded in 1982 or so on LP, and then on cassette and now on CD. There music still is fresh, interesting, fun, and very engaging. This is not just a collector's item, this is a CD that you will listen many times over the years. We recently heard Swallowtail at a dance and those twenty five year old roots are still bearing remarkable fruit. This recording is shorter than what we are used to nowadays but that that just makes it more precious.

Here's a list of instruments you'll hear: fiddle, concertina, mandolin, bodhran, fife, bones, triangle, flute, oboe, recorder, piano, virginal, hammer dulcimer, tin whistle, soperano recorder, triangle, piano.

  1. Singing on a Gate, The Dancing Bear
  2. Lannigan's Ball, Morrison's Jig, The Gravel Walk,
  3. Scotland the Brave, Down the Brae, The Otter Holt
  4. Sliabh Na Mban
  5. McMahon's Reel, The Road to Lisdoonvarna, Telemann's Fantasy No. 3 in B Minor, The Golden Keyboard
  6. Ryan's Favorite, The Mug of Brown Ale, The Connaughtman's Rambles,
  7. Crabs in the Skillet, Paddy on the Turnpike
  8. The Blarney Pilgrim, Merrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife
  9. You Married My Daughter But You Didn't, St, Anne's Reel, The Joys of Quebec

Tune time: 41:51

Musicians: David Cantieni, Ron Grosslein, George Marshall, Tim Triplett, Tim Van Egmond

Quick Spin

CD - $15

The Moving Violations

The Moving Violations' newest CD features creative arrangements and outstanding playing. Included are tunes that have the Greenfield dance crowd jumping; New England contras of course, but also Scandis and Slavic melodies woven seamlessly with traditional New England tunes. Most fiddle duos just play together. Ron and Van flawlessly do harmonics, and they are backed up by Becky and Chuck's driving accompanyment.

  1. Chasing My Tail, Getting Started, Feathers and Bones
  2. Lyme Jog, Farewell to the Taliban, Dragonfly Reel
  3. Julottan
  4. Bulgur in the Pot, The Gale, The Rolling Bow
  5. Hills of Manchuria
  6. Eamon Coyne's, Frank's Reel, Tam Lin
  7. Blue Jig, Bishop and Fritz, Ivailovsko Horo
  8. Evit Gabriel, Millbrae, Reel Eugene
  9. Kaynor's Place
  10. Hiawatha, Madam Neruda, Stoney Lake
  11. Huck Weave Waltz, Hanging Rest Waltz
  12. Hyttstemspolkett
  13. Green Mountain Petronella, Lipovacko Kolo
  14. Carinito
  15. Rainy Night in Montague, Porcupine Reel

Total Time 61:43

Ron Grosslein, Van Kaynor, Becky Ashenden, Chuck Corman


CD - $15

Wild Notes

Here is the first CD from the Connecticut band Wild Notes. Their CD, Sowing, is a lively collection by five musicians with musical backgrounds in folk, jazz, American traditional, Celtic, polka and classical. Traditional Contra tunes are here along with Finnish and Italian waltzes and tunes from the Quebecois tradition. A snippet of Mozart's Rondo is followed by a Klezmer tune sometimes known as Dance! Dance! Tons of Fun.

  1. Chilly winds, Live Country, Cajun Fiddlin' on the Bayou
  2. Balkan Hills, City of Savannah
  3. Banks of the Devon
  4. Devil in the Strawstack, Nail that Catfish to the Tree, Rondo, Ma Yofus, Ross's Reel #4
  5. Akuvalssi, Hannun-ja-Riitan Haavalssi
  6. Princess Royal, Carolan's Draught
  7. Eleanor Plunkett
  8. Le Cultivateur, Festival du Voyageur, Hommage a Edmond Parizeau, Dedicat a Joe
  9. Ye Banks and Braes, Bonnie at Morn
  10. Scintillante
  11. The Butterfly, Calliope House
  12. As I was Kissed, Sleep Soond ida Moarnin', Willafjord, Frank's Reel
  13. Road to Lisdoonvarna, Swallowtail Jig, Reg's Cigar

John Kalinowski, Mickey Koth, Kasha Breau, Peter Delaney, Dan Hocott

Uncle Gizmo

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Larry Unger and Friends

Now for something completely different! Lots of southern feel here as well as jazz and just plain creative music. Larry has written nine of the tunes here. These fine musicians are having a great time creating music together and their high spirits are catching. Uncle Gizmo, it makes me happy.

  1. Four Potatoes, Catharsis, George Booker
  2. Two Rivers
  3. Bridget's Back in Town, Rock-a-bye Baby
  4. The Curvy Road to Corinth, Rockin' Reel
  5. The Brumley Brae, Skippin' Cat
  6. Hangman's Reel
  7. The Dancer
  8. The High Part of the Road, All the Rage
  9. Judy and Jim's Wedding
  10. Beth Cohen's
  11. Coleman's March

Sam Bartlett, Amy Richardson, Ginny Snowe, Larry Unger, 1992

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