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Mary Cay Brass

Mary Cay Brass is renowned for her rich, varied, and above all, driving piano and accordion style. She has energized and delighted dancers and listeners across America, and in Britain and France. We once heard a dancer opine, "Mary Cay Brass has the best left hand in the business!" That's why the dancers whoop it up when Mary Cay is at the piano.

Full Swing

CD - $15

Booklet - $3


Hear Clip From Track #5

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Susan Kevra with Mary Cay Brass and Friends

Internationally known Vermont caller, Susan Kevra has written a 24 page instruction booklet for callers and dancers that is included with the CD. A diverse sampling of contra tunes is offered here, played with high spirits and superb musicianship by Mary Cay Brass, Becky Tracy, Mary Lea, Sarah Blair and Stuart Kenney. The great music here is in dance length cuts. The musicians have captured the excitement of a dance on this recording.

The booklet is now available separately.

  1. Le diable vert, Le 24 Juin,Galope de la Malbaie
  2. The Green Mountain, The Sligo Maid, Rakish Paddy
  3. The Boys of Tandragee, Mary McNamara's, Carraroe Jig
  4. Goodbye My Lady Love
  5. Sou'west Bridge, The Spey in Spate, The Cape Breton Fiddler's
  6. Welcome to the Shetland Islands
  7. Chorus Jig, Opera Reel, Growling Old Man and Woman
  8. Tatter Jack Walsh, Dinny O'Brien's, Gravel Walks
  9. Carolina Breakdown, Sandy Boys

Susan Kevra, Mary Cay Brass, Sarah Blair, Mary Lea, Becky Tracy, Stuart Kenney, 2001

Total Time 55:24

Green Mountain

CD - $25
Collector's Item!

Hear Clip From Track #7

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Mary Cay Brass and Friends

Mary Cay Brass's piano flair is renowned in the thriving contra dance community of Northern New England. She is joined here by the best women musicians from the Connecticut Valley dance scene. The result is exhilaratingly melodic and merrily pulsing; contra music at it's best.Playing tunes from Irish and Quebecois reels to a Scandinavian snoa and a Bulgarian kopanica, they celebrate the joy, vitality and diversity of New England contra music.

  1. Cook in the Kitchen, Dusty Windowsills, Mooncoin
  2. Reel Traditionelle, Reel Traditionelle, St. Antoine's
  3. Iles de la Madeleine
  4. The Green Mountain, Tarboltan, Siobhan O'Donnell's
  5. New Delhi (Perik Moraeus)
  6. Clare Jig, Mist on the Mountain, Liam O'Flynn's
  7. Jersey Lightning, Hippodrome Reel, Viva el West Side or
  8. Dedicado a Joe (Martin Racine)
  9. Topphuvv'leken
  10. Jules Verret, Reel de Mattawa (Richard Forest), La Belle Gaspesie
  11. Phil Cunningham's, The Dawn
  12. Pipe on the Hob, Log Cabin, Hanley's Tweed
  13. Waltzes from Jarna, Gas Anders Waltz
  14. Oj Ti Mome

Musicians: Mary Cay Brass, Becky Ashendon, Sarah Blair, Susan Conger, Mary Lea, Ann Percival, Becky Tracy

Total Time 55:48

Mary Cay Brass also plays on Airdance, Flying on Home, Cloud Nine and High Clouds

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